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Doubleview and surrounding suburbs.

I have over twenty years experience as a teacher in schools and as a private tutor working with students with learning difficulties and disabilities. About 11 years ago I became aware of the Reading for Sure system for teaching literacy skills. I was so impressed by the structure it provided for teaching reading I decided to train as a RFS tutor. After completing the training 8 years ago, I worked at Dr Solomon’s clinic in Morley. Seeing the gains and rate of progress students made though the RFS method, I decided to become a registered RFS provider, so I could offer RFS tuition to students living near my home. In the past, before discovering the RFS method, I worked as a tutor for Government programmes and for the Dyslexia Speld Foundation.
I currently work privately with students at, or near, my home in Doubleview. As well as helping students with reading, comprehension and writing using the Reading for Sure Method, and children needing Pre-Literacy skills using the RFS ‘Stepping Ahead’ Programme, I also offer maths tuition up to grade 7.


Teaching Certificate, B.Ed. Degree, Graduate Certificate – Special Needs/Learning Difficulties
Working with Children Police Clearance.


Phone: 9244 7195, 0447 486652

Email: wendy.stentiford@iinet.net.au

Address: Herbert St, Doubleview