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What a year it has been!

A lot has changed but by the same token, a lot has stayed the same.


The Wonderful providers of the Solomon Method (Reading For Sure) continue to turn around student’s literacy so that these students can achieve their potential and enjoy reading all the amazing books that are out there.


The program has a new managing company, new website and new branding has been put in place. After 25 years it was time to revamp our marketing materials to take us into the future.


The 4th of December was a bitter sweet day. We all celebrated 25 years of the Solomon Method and its flagship program Reading For Sure. It was also a sad day as our founder Dr. Julia Solomon was not able to attend due to her passing in April. She would have really enjoyed the celebrations. David Solomon, her eldest son, attended in her place making a special trip for the day from Melbourne. He enjoyed the day talking to everyone, some of whom had been working with Dr. Solomon from the early years. His speech about his recollections of his mother’s first steps with the program and her passion for education was interesting and entertaining.


Now we must move forward with Dr. Solomon’s legacy and raise awareness of this fantastic program and how it could help so many. What is needed are more dedicated and enthusiastic providers of the program to join us in developing the reach of this program around Australia and beyond.


The training is in the process of behind streamlined and made more user-friendly whilst maintaining its integrity and comprehensiveness. Once a trainee has completed the training they will be highly skilled at using the program and have the ability to adapt it to individual student’s needs.


Our current providers agree that running a Reading For Sure tutoring service is a very rewarding experience.


I have operated Lynne’s Reading For Sure tutoring for 18 years how and it is still an absolute joy to watch the progress students make with help of Reading For Sure. The success the students have means that parents spread the word for us about Reading For Sure. More and more teachers are quietly suggesting to parents that they try our system or are bringing their own children for our specialised help.


2017 is going to be an exciting year. We will expand our marketing and expand our provider network. If you would like to join us on this journey, then contact us as soon as you can. Follow us on our website or Facebook page.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

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