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Reading For Sure uses techniques developed by Dr Julia Solomon that help students learn to read English. Dr Solomon designed a program that can make English phonetic without changing the original text as would have to happen if we used the systems used in dictionaries to read English phonetically.

Diacritic Code Makes Reading Easy

Dr Solomon designed a series of diacritical marks that take the guess work out of reading. This gives students a chance to learn about the phonetic structure of the words they are reading without the usual anxiety that normal phonics or whole word reading instruction can produce. These diacritical marks are introduced one vowel at a time through a short list of practice cards and a series of stories they read to increase their reading vocabulary.

Tutor Training

Specially trained tutors use these and other tools to help students learn to sound blend the sounds in a word. This not only enables true reading but encourages them to learn how to spell the word. Tutors undergo special training so that they understand how the brain works and how a student learns before being able to teach using the Reading For Sure diacritical marks.

Students are able to maximise their learning.

These tutors also help the children learn how to get maximum meaning from what they are reading and how to write comprehensive full sentence answers to questions. And of course punctuation and the understanding of the grammar of the sentence they are writing  are also part of this comprehensive program.

Further information on the program go here.