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Reading For Sure, over the last twenty five years, has been developed and expanded to include instruction on all areas of literacy. This allows the tutors to develop all the pathways in the brain required for these varied literacy skills. We give students the skills and strategies required to achieve their potential in all areas of literacy.


Spelling is integral part of this whole program. We have a spelling book and spelling chart that helps a student learn the various ways a spoken sound can be spelt in the English language.


Handwriting provides practice in the correct formation of letters in handwriting. It clearly indicates where and how letters are formed between the lines, and when they are ascending or descending letters.


Some “readers” read without understanding the meaning of what they read. Our comprehension program systematically provides practice in visualizing and understanding words and in building in the meaning of a continuous passage of text using progressive thinking skills.
The program is based on research which shows how the brain processes written material in a developmental order.


As soon as children become aware that words and thoughts can be communicated through writing, the thoughts that they compose and speak can be written down and form their own record of their experiences. The program integrates this skill with reading and comprehension.


When we begin to communicate through writing, we need to know that our work makes sense to others. We need to know the basics of sentence construction and the rules that make our writing intelligible. This requires learning basic grammatical concepts to apply as soon as we begin to put words to paper. Our program introduces this concept by integrating them with the early literacy skills.

Special needs

Not all children learn effectively in classrooms and even on an individual basis some children must be given the appropriate amount of time to absorbe instructions and apply them in their literacy skills. Our programs accomodate all pupils with special needs for achieving reading and writing.

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