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  • Innovative for BBuds

  • *Created in Western Australia

  • *Systematic phonics instruction

  • *Specially trained tutors

  • *Special code helps identify sounds made by spelling combination

  • *Quickly improves reading age

  • *Pre literacy through to extension literacy taught

  • *All areas of literacy covered

Reading For Sure is a reading acquisition program developed here in Western Australia by Dr Julia Solomon. Her background in education and her work as a clinical psychologist gave her the research background and teaching skills needed to develop a unique program to solve the problem of children seemingly unable to learn to read. These children presented to her at her psychology clinic with a range of behavioural problems. Before long she found the common root cause of many of these behaviours; the inability to engage in school learning due to a lack of reading skills.

In 1991 she created the the unique code that would go on to help thousands of children to gain the level of reading they needed.

Dr Solomon created a code using series of 24 diacrital marks. These marks enable the English language to be read phonetically without the original text and spelling being changed in any way. As students learn to read the words they ignore the signs and are reading the new words automatically.

New Phonetic Instruction

The result of this system is that the students no longer need to use picture clues, guess or memorise lists of words but can be engaged in proper text without anxiety.

         This evidence based program is now available as Reading For Sure, consisting of a Stepping Ahead component for pre readers and Reading For Sure ,with all its literacy components, for students falling behind it their literacy skills.  You do not need to be falling behind in literacy to benefit from this program as it can fast track the acquisition of literacy skills for all students.

The Reading for sure network is managed from Carlisle WA. Students have the opportunity to improve their literacy by contacting their local Reading For Sure provider and beginning one to one Reading For Sure lessons.  Read More. Those interested in using this program to teach literacy to students can complete the training program and join the Reading For Sure network as a tutor. Read More.