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Over the last 25 years we have had copious amounts of positive feed back from students and their parents. Some of them go to the trouble of putting this in writing. Just a few of them can be found below.

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  • Hayden finds Success starting with Reading For Sure
    Hayden finds Success starting with Reading For Sure

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          Discovering my daughter is Dyslexic was confronting and daunting. With a back-ground in Music, Singing and Drama, where language is everything, having a daughter that was struggling with literacy was a challenging situation. I had no experience or knowledge of Dyslexia. The school system wasn’t able to assist my daughter in the way that she needed. Not knowing what to do to help her was the biggest issue.

          Reading For Sure was recommended to me by the Mother of a student of mine. A bright and hard-working girl, and successfully studying Year 11 at the time, this student had studied with Lynne during her early primary school years, with effective and long lasting results.

           My daughter Violet started studying with Lynne, at Reading For Sure, in February of 2018 when she was 8 years old and just starting Year 3. Violet was tested at school and was at a Level 3 using the PM Benchmark Reading assessment. She was re-tested eight months later and had increased her reading ability considerably, achieving a Level 17 using the same assessment tool. Her teachers at her school were amazed – so much so, that they re-tested Violet the following day, where she confidently jumped an extra level to a Level 18. This is an enormous achievement, in a relatively short space of time.

            The Reading For Sure method works because it is visual and transferable. This method has easily proven to be the most successful for my daughter and has been more effective than other more traditional ‘evidence based’ practices that we tried. It is a system that visual learners can more easily access and then apply. The Reading For Sure method teaches the literacy tools required to de-code the written word, using a differentiated approach that works for this learning challenge.

            Finding the Reading For Sure method was a relief. To discover a method that works, and that makes sense to my daughter, has not only greatly improved her reading, it has given her confidence and a sense of achievement. The tangible and measurable improvement in her literacy has boosted her self-esteem and given her access to books.

           I have no hesitation in recommending the Reading For Sure method. It has made all the difference.

     C Clements   November 14, 2018

  • ** We just wanted to let you know what a huge positive difference that you and the “Reading for Sure” program has had on our son Jackson, he has only been seeing you for a few months but the change in him has been remarkable.
    While he is still not reading fluently at this stage we can now see a day where he might, we never thought that this would have been possible. Since beginning the program he has jumped up in his age level in reading, we notice now that when we ask him to have a try at reading something he gives it a go. Most importantly for Jackson though is the change that we see in his confidence, prior to seeing you Jackson found it a constant battle at home and school due to his dyslexia and he had zero confidence in himself, his confidence has now increased and he is very proud of himself for what he is now achieving.So thank you so very much for supporting Jackson to achieve with his reading, you are making amazing changes to our son’s life.Kind regards
    Janet Fitzsimmons & Chelsea Smith  2017
  • ** 14.8.12My two boys 6 & 7 have attended Lynne’s Reading For Sure Tutoring for six months now. Both boys were having difficulties with reading and spelling. Especially the reading which was effecting their confidence at home reading time.The learning style Lynne’s Reading For Sure Tutoring uses is child and adult friendly, which allows us to help children easily at home. I can’t thank the team at Lynne’s Reading For Sure Tutoring enough for the confidence you have installed in the boys in such a short time.We and their teachers are extremely happy with the results, and wouldn’t hesitate to return if the children need more assistance.Thanks kindly Dawn.

  • ** Thank-you for all your encouraging words, you have made a huge difference to Jake. You have given him confidence to have a go at things he would normally not have tried.You patient enthusiastic approach, your constant encouragement and your laughter have made coming to your sessions fun.You and the Reading for Sure program have given Jake so much more than what speech has.We both want to thank-you, you have been a real lifesaver.Bristal and Jake
  • ** I would like to really thank you for helping me get to where I am now! You really helped me in the past four years helping me read and write. I started with you when I was in Year 7 and I could not read or write, I was reading and writing at a year 3 level. You taught me a lot of ways to remember how to spell the words, which I used often.When I started high school I would bring my school work to you, so you could help me and show me ways how to do a particular thing with mathematics or with writing.Every time I had to do mathematic problems you taught me this particular way of writing and working out the problem for example dividing, learning to do the long way or the short, but when you taught me you got me to do the long version even though I loathed it!!!!When I finished year 10 I stopped going, as I had to keep trying without any help. I have completed year 11 now, and have passed each subject, with assignments, I remembered how you showed me how to lay out and assignment and work it out step by step and that’s what I have done ever since! I have received all A’s or high B’s in each assignment and in my school report each teacher has put a comment:“Kellee is a great student who puts in every bit of effort and keeps on trying very hard” And that’s all to do with you!I would recommend anyone who has a problem with their literacy or mathematics to you as you would help them in every possible way to make them stronger !!!!!Thank you, lynne!!!!

    Yours Truly Kellee

  • ** Thanks soooo much for everything. I can now spell, read and understand what I read. You don’t know how thankful I am. Reading for Sure is where I grew with everything. Iwas there for two years and I am sooo glad I was. Now that I am Head Girl, I have been writing a lot of speeches and public speaking. Lynne you are the best and I thank you sooo much.Thank you. I will never forget all you have done for me and all the fun we had.Sarah.
  • ** Your assistance and guidance over the past year has been awesome. Thank you for making a tough year so much easier.Lorri.

  • ** Thank you for all of your help and patience with me. At the beginning of this year, I could not write a story with capital letters and full stops but I can now write a story with capital letters and full stops.Learning is fun with you.Nicky.
  • ** Feb 2008I wish to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful coaching you gave my daughter Kayley, aged six years.Under your guidance her reading has come on in leaps and bounds. When I first brought Kayley to you her confidence was so low she didn’t want to attend school and was extremely conscious of her inability to keep pace with her class in reading. I am delighted to report that Kayley is now reading beautifully, loves going to school and is a happy and confident little girl as a result of her Tutoring.I would be more than happy for you to refer any parents to me to attest to the excellence of your methods and tuition.Jenny.

  • ** When I first went to reading I was a bit shy but I thought this place would help me with my reading. And it did. So I went to reading for sure. Now I can read my favourite books and enjoy reading them. I am happy because I don’t struggle reading words in reading comprehension and books. When I do math I can read what to do. When I first came here well I did not really want to do it but then I was learning new words. Now I love doing reading because I know I can improve math or reading. I thought other kids would like to do it so they can learn.Molly.
  • ** 2007My son David, is 15 and currently in year 11. His whole school life, since grade one, has been difficult because he has never related to the written word. He has had low self-esteem and all aspects of schooling have been a struggle.I have taken him to Dyslexia tutors, given him fish oil supplements and had his eyes tested. In addition I’ve encouraged him to play pennant tennis to improve his fitness and coordination level.Six months ago I took him to Lynne’s Reading For Sure Tutoring and I have seen a big improvement in his reading ability. He is still behind his age level but no longer lacks the confidence to read out aloud.Bernadette

  • **2005I would like to express my extreme satisfaction at the results my son Thomas has shown since being on your program.After his first term of year 3 in 2004 it was apparent that his inability to read was causing other problems. His behaviour was on the down hill slide, He was ‘losing’ his work. He was misbehaving in all classes. He did not want to attend school. He was changing from a happy son that I had always had before. He had problems with all subjects a school since they all required him to read as well.Since he started Reading for Sure last year he has now learnt to read. His maths is good. He is capable of all the work given to him. He is happy again and is really enjoying school. I have my happy-go-lucky, smiling son back.Thanks, Lynne and Rochelle.Regards Treena.
  • **2004Thank you for teaching me for the past two years. I have learnt a lot of things from you. I learnt reading with special signs, I learnt how to spell with your yellow book and I learnt comprehension by answering the question right. I still remember when I was in year one my spelling was not that good but in year two my writing was excellent because of your teaching.From Kevin.

  • **We would like to thank you for all of your help with Reading For Sure. Jade is now reading a lot better this year and now realises that she can do it.Thanks, Keri.
  • **Dear Lynne and Rochelle. Just a thank you from Nicholas and me for your support, help and dedication to a job you do so well. Nicholas has enjoyed working with you and has improved his reading by leaps and bounds.Cherie.

  • **Lynne and Dr Solomon, A brief note to let you know that Sacha has gone from strength to strength with his reading, In fact he is ahead of many of the children in his class – many thanks to you Lynne and your program Dr Solomon.Lynne, I am so very grateful for your wonderful and dedicated approach to Sacha’s reading problems. Without you we would indeed have been floundering. Dr Solomon’s program has been the catalyst in his understanding of the written word from the very beginning through to where he is today. Nonetheless, it has been your administration and overseeing of his lessons together with your most delightful of personalities that has made his learning an absolute delight.My husband, Sacha and I wish to thank you for your perseverance and invaluable assistance.Debra