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Reading For Sure tutors are actually literacy specialists. These highly experienced tutors use the Reading For Sure program and their extensive experience working with students, who are often challenged by a wide range of individual learning difficulties, to tailor a learning program for each individual child. 

 It is not a Reading for Sure tutor’s role in your child’s education to follow the school curriculum.  Instead their role is more akin to a therapist as they identify the skills that your child requires to succeed at school but, for numerous reasons, has not yet acquired or has not mastered. Intervention is then designed to build the skills and mastery needed to gain all the literacy skills required for success in all subjects at school.

If a child has all the core foundation skills they need, then accademic success can follow.  Once the core skills are built and mastered the Reading for Sure tutors can help your child build on these to reach their full potential. They will use all the English literacy skills they acquired during the tailored one-to-one literacy sessions.

Pre literacy skills, Early reading skills, Reading Skills, skills required for spelling, comprehension, grammar and handwriting are some of the skills your child will gain attending literacy sessions with one of our specialist tutors. An increase in confidence is often seen after only one or two sessions and new found literacy ability quickly follows.

Contact your nearest tutor and they will explain the assessment process and how tutoring sessions can be scheduled to meet your child’s needs and your family’s schedule.

Click on the name below for exact location and contact details. 

Lynne’s Reading for Sure Tutoring – Carlisle

Lynne’s Reading for Sure tutoring is able to offer lessons via Skype.

Wendy – Doubleview –  Sorry Wendy is no longer taking new clients.

Marie – Leeming

Cynthia – Mindarie

Mrs Bs Tutoring Service – Mundaring

We have a limited number of tutors available. We are very interested in increasing our network of specialist tutors so we can help more students. If you think you would be interested in becoming a Reading For Sure provider email Lynne at info@readingforsure.com.au