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Reading For Sure is the program that can give all students access to literacy. It was designed and implemented in 1991 by Dr Julia Solomon and has been successfully teaching students to read since then. Over the years Dr Julia Solomon further developed her program to include all literacy skills and its ability to cater for preschool students as young as 3 as well. The Stepping Ahead program ensured that students had the prerequisites skills required for a smooth transition into literacy. Dr Solomon wrote and published teaching manuals, student readers – Phonological Fun Books and started training and building a network of tutors that could also bring the joy of literacy to those students struggling in the schools system.

So what is new?
In May of this year the Master Licence was granted to Lynne and Robert Wajon trading as Reading For Sure so that the program could be taken on and developed into the future. Unfortunately Dr Solomon did not get to see this transition completed, as she sadly passed away on 26th April. Lynne and Robert have been successfully operating their own Reading for Sure tutoring service for 18 years and have worked closely with the development of the program over those years, making them the obvious choice to continue Dr Solomon’s work.

To help with the future expansion plans there has been some rebranding and there will be an invigorated level of advertising taking place. This new website, Facebook page, new posters and advertising in the Kids in Perth is just the beginning. The core teaching materials and methodology will not change as they have proved their ability to successfully improve student’s literacy skills over the last 25 years. We are looking for new trainees to join us in the expansion of the network of providers which will enable us to help even more students.

Lynne and Robert look forward to working with current and new providers to raise awareness of this amazing program and to continue its development into the future.

Lynne Wajon


    Karen van Nederveen

    I just read the passing away of Dr Solomon. My condolences to those close to her.
    I am so thankful to Dr Solomon and her Reading for Sure method that has helped my daughter immensely.
    I wish Lynn and her team all the very best.

    Cherie, Stephen and Jorja

    DR Julia Solomon,
    An absolute treasure to the kids of Perth, that were fortunate to have been taught by her.

      Lynne Wajon

      Yes, she is greatly missed by us all. Her work continues to help struggling readers via our amazing Reading For Sure providers.


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