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This new vlog has been a while coming. I have been spending time making videos of student lessons for our trainee providers and Term 3 has proved to be very busy with students. Lots of families want to ensure the Covid-19 interruption to school does not adversely impact on their children’s education.

This vlog is a little on the long side as essentially it shows you how to teach a child to sound blend the letters into a word and the texts and games you could use to help. After learning the sounds of the alphabet letters the next step is to blend them into words. While there are many words that have tricky spelling many more words are more regular and can be sounded out. Saying each sound in these words does not always mean a student’s brain can then turn it into a word but by teaching a child to sound blend opens up a whole new world of reading for them.

Sound Blending the Next Step YouTube play


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